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Casino gamblers lose 70% of the time Forex 96% of the time

I have been trading Forex for a pretty long time. I do price action mostly, I use levels you name it and I can win 10 trades in a row easily and for some reason long term it takes 1 trade to wipe me out. I used stops but my broker is an ECN and widen the spreads right as I approach my TP level. The only way to close the trade is to watch it with no SL. Even when I use SL Ill go through long winning streaks and then it takes 1 losing streak to wipe me out
When I had a lot of money I used to gamble frequently played poker, made and loss money roughly 50% of the time. I used to play roulette and I won a lot of money frequently playing basic strategy. Now with Forex I have done an insane amount of research I followed and filtered through thousands of people on Myfxbook, Mql5 you name it and no one wins long term! They usually trade with massive drawdown to keep winning but eventually they can't recover from the drawdown all of them! What they do when they blow up an account they delete the other profile and start again.
Statistics are 70% of casino gamblers lose and 96% and possibly more Forex traders lose everything or lose overall!
I just did a basic Googe search to find the 96%
Some reports say 20-38% of traders win and make money and 100% lose money on there first account. Those are around the same odds of walking into a casino and putting your money into a random slot machine. Would you go to a casino every day to make a living?
Are any of you part of the 4% or less who actually frequently make a living for years at Forex? If so what's your winning strategy?
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Forex 100% Winning Secret Price Action Strategy Most ...

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